Prisma Van Steenis

A fifth of the Netherlands is made up of water, which flows throughout the landscape via channels, dams and rivers. These waterways are accurately represented and transcribed onto maps due in part to Prisma Van Steenis expertise in hydrographics.

In addition to this specialty area, Prisma Van Steenis has another strong suit: the railway system. There are 7.030 km of railways with 2.162 crossings, 725 viaducts, 455 bridges and 403 stations. This network demands to be kept up, which adjustments need to be made and entails close monitoring. Specialists are required in order to carry and map out this dynamic network in order to assist in such adjustments.

The dynamic of the railway and water systems requires innovation. Our team is ever willing and able to function to our fullest potential, even when faced with obstacles. For example, during construction of the North/South Line in Amsterdam where everything is underground.

Prisma Van Steenis collects the most precise data for her clients, regardless of circumstance and/or access. We can guarantee this given our expertise, flexibility and creativity.

Projects we’re proud to be a part of:

  • Realisation of 6 km concrete and railway tunnel from the North/South line Amsterdam
  • Surveying of 2.000 km waterways in North Brabant
  • Development and implementation of our surveyor train