Prisma GeoCensus

The Netherlands is a crowded place to live in. We have 135,000 km of roadways and powerlines, traffic signs, trees, buildings and so many more structures. Additionally, the vast majority of our infrastructure (such as our sewage system, power supplies and glass fiber) is situated underground.

This country is also always on the go as a great deal of construction and rennovations are continually taking place. A good overview is neccessary in order to maintain an ideal living environment.

Prisma GeoCensus serves as the main contact for Dutch Governmental organisations, provinces and communities to assist in their surroundings and assure collected data gets processed into valuable information. Prisma GeoCensus advises and supports these organisations with possible surveying discrepancies from the moment a reference point is created.

In short: Prisma GeoCensus offers an overview and valuable information within an ever changing environment.

Projects we’re proud to be a part of:

  • Gasunie, surveying and registering of the wired netwerk
  • Amsterdam, detail surveying Stationsplein
  • SSC Kempen Communities, BGT-transition
  • Noord-Brabant, vervaardigen zichthoeken t.b.v. bestekken
  • Amsterdam, deformation surveying bridges and city wal limits
  • Tennet, GIS analyses and manufacturing of map material