About us

52°21’54.04”N 4°53’38.17”O

53°15’21.19”N 4°56’23.66”O

52° 9’52.24”N 5°31’24.34”O

Where one sees only digits, a string of numbers, points or coordinates here above, we see the Herengracht in Amsterdam, the beach along the island of Vlieland and our own office headquarters. At Prisma Groep, everything revolves around putting things on the map according to country, city or even water.

We process data into useful information that’s crucial for constructing tunnels, viaducts and bridges as well as for new housing and office space developments. Or in order to feed databases which help aid in the improved livability and safety of cities and villages.

Prisma Groep forms an ambitious collective of specialists in the area of geodesy, surveying, industrial precision measuring and general geo-related inquiries such as GIS. This group was initiated when Prisma Meten, GeoCensus and Van Steenis geodesie joined forces to create a strong union. This union combines the expertises of over 140 men and women who have command of the best technological surveying equipment. Specialists who not only collect data but can also interpret it in a way that oversees consequences. For the majority it’s ‘simply’ a series of digits but for our partners it’s vital information which the construction of a building, a bridge or office space is based upon.

Our ambition is to carry out a succesful project together with our clients, whether it’s only a part of the process or throughout the entire trajectory, from surveying to assessment management. Our clients have to be able to trust and, literally, build upon our knowledge and experience.