Merger of Van Steenis geodesie

Prisma meten en uitzetten and GeoCensus are currently going strong due to the added merger of Van Steenis geodesie. Despite this merger, Prisma meten en uitzetten, GeoCensus and Van Steenis geodesie will continue to operate independently in the market. The skills and technology of these companies will continue to optimally function on behalf of all our clients.

Van Steenis geodesie has specific knowledge of a variety of geodetic areas: mobile mapping and static, high quality, precision laser scanning. Van Steenis geodesie also implements hydrographics surveying for water systems and contractors. Additionally, Van Steenis geodesie is also considered to be an expert in railway related surveying inquiries.

The group has access to the most recent surveying equipment, such as the Leica Pegasus Two (the first company in The Netherlands), the Leica Pegasus Backpack (3rd worldwide) and the Leica Aibotix (a drone). Through the great diversity in knowledge and advanced technology these companies are capable of delivering highly effective, quality work.

Within the Prisma meten en uitzetten, GeoCensus and Van Steenis geodesie companies there are 135 professionals at work on a wide range of projects for a large number of clients. Our group manages a lot of projects, both small and large scale, simple and complex.

These companies are pleased with such collaborations and in turn are together paving the way to become market leader in geo information where the client and quality of work are our number one priorities.

About Prisma meten en uitzetten

Prisma meten en uitzetten, established in 1995, is a surveying organisation with a vast work area. They’ve managed to create a name for themselves by initially taking on prominent infrastructural projects but have since then managed to broaden their workfield, with surveying as our core business. Alongside the key players in this particular field, Prisma meten en uitzetten has built upon an expansive and loyal clientele base.

About Van Steenis Geodesy

Van Steenis Geodesy will celebrate its 70th year anniversay in 2015. What sets Van Steenis apart from the rest is that the company has been able to play a lead role in terms of knowledge and innovation within the geodesy market. Van Steenis is specialist in the area of 3D and dynamic laser scanning, rail infrastructure, GIS, hydrographics and Mobil Watis. Van Steenis’s big name clients are situated within the government, aquisitions, industrial advice and engineering sectors.

About Geo Census

GeoCensus’s services are based on the full geodesy spectrum. The company began in 2001 and has developed into a service oriented company in the areas of geo information, CAD/GIS, mutation detection and mapping. Clients are predominantly (semi) government and service oriented. GeoCensus can offer support via advice, recruitment and implementation of GIS and geo related projects. Due to its small scale structure, GeoCensus is able to to take on projects with relatively short project lead time times directly within the field as well as on location.

The management team of Van Steenis Geodesy consists of Mr. I. Pieters and Mr. K.L. de Weerd.