GeoCensus and Prisma meten en uitzetten have been going strong together since April 1st 2014. This fusion marked their position as one of the most influential team players within the Geo Information, Geodesy and surveying competitive markets.

Prisma surveying and implementing company is a specialist in measuring and surveying within an expansive work area. Traditionally having been raised by working on large scale infrastructuaral projects, Prisma meten en uitzetten has ventured into various other disciplines, while surveying remains our central point.

GeoCensus renders the highest quality geo information and geodesy. Geo Census gains information, multiplies, builds upon, develops, implements and manages geo information in the broadest sense of the word. Both companies share 15 years work experience between them, including haven been faced with the most challenging situations. It is our belief that an alliance between these two grade-A brand names will create new opportunities and help aid in further market innovations.

Trustworthy and secure companies that can translate complex users requests into actual reality or into a more simplistic, accessible userfriendly digital environment. A close joint staff venture and innovations will in turn administer large scale benefits while encouraging further synergy to take place. Given our four branches, we cover a large land base and are accessible from various regions. It is our goal to better assist our clients with an even wider range of services. This, along with our expansive knowledge will allow us to cater to all our current and future clients needs. You can trust that this merger will have no further implications regarding our relations in general. Both companies will retain their own names while functioning in the market. The management will be accountable to Mr. Iain Pieters, current director of Prisma meten en uitzetten.